About Emma

Emma is a holistic accountant, she combines her gifts as a chartered accountant and a psychic medium, to bring together the worlds of spirituality and business. She has one foot in the business world and one foot in the spirit world. It is this that allows her to connect the two together. She is a very gifted and powerful psychic medium and is able to communicate at will with any spiritual entity that wishes to connect with her.

She is not your usual accountant and she never will be. She is a soul trader – she trades from her soul and chooses to script her own path according to all that she is capable of doing. She is not your usual psychic medium, she has the ability to connect with the spiritual realm in a way that is very connected and that is a part of her everyday life.

Emma is able to do these things because it is her life purpose. There is a part of her soul that wanted to learn how to connect in this life time and so all that she does is around connection. She connects to people in a very deep way and is able to see all that it is they are able to do, even when they are not able to see it. She is also able to connect to the spiritual realm in a very deep way, building on her relationships with all of the people that she has lost throughout her life time, as well as the spirit guides and spiritual teachers that form her spiritual network.

Emma is not able to do anything that is not aligned with her purpose as she understands that each step away from her path is a step away from having a life that is complete and whole. For that reason she works with her spiritual network throughout all that she does to ensure that she is in complete alignment with her soul purpose. She is also able to help other people to understand the path that they are on, and she has learned that it is within her ability to understand the life purpose of others. She is able to have complete access to any other person’s life purpose, as this is a way that she is able to help connect with a person and understand what she can do to take them further on their journey. She is not able to communicate a person’s purpose to them as this would take away from their exploration of their path ahead and the lessons that they need to learn to take them to where it is they need to get to in terms of their spiritual development.

Emma is a visionary and she is able to connect information together in a way that many people are not able to see or envisage. She is able to connect with this information and she this connection with others. It is not her purpose to make the connection for other people, it is her purpose to share the connection that she has and to inspire others with what it is she is able to see, hear, feel and be when it comes to making these connections.

Emma is not new to this world of connection, for she has had many past lives of connecting with her spiritual network whether it is in her past lives or in her time as an etheric being. She is an old soul with a young face, and she has learned many things on her journey that have brought her to this point on her soul path.