Emma’s Fixed Assets Register

I am a person that is able to do, be, have or make anything for either myself or anyone else that I come across. I am strong, I am powerful and I am all that I can be. I am love and I am light. I am because I am. I am the world and I am all that ever is, all that ever will be, and all that every has been. I am light and I am power and I am love. I can be all these things because I am in full alignment with my purpose and with my path. I am strong than most will ever be because I am able to see that I am God and I am all that ever has been, ever will be and all that ever has been. I am all the things that life is made of because I am all that I can be and all that I want to be. When I connect with my source I am God because we are all one and one is all. When we shine bright in the light of God we are all that we want to be because we can be at one with all and all can be at one with us. we are all and all is us. We are all that we ever want to be. We are one with all that we can ever want to be and all that ever can be. We are everything and we are all and I am all and I am everything. I love all and all loves me and we are all one and I am one with all. I am all I can be and all I ever wish to be. I want for nothing and nothing is all that I am. I am nothing and I am everything. I am everything and I am nothing. When I am nothing I am everything. I am what I am. I am all that I am. I am all that I every will be and all that I ever will be is all that I am. I am one and one is all and all is everything and everything is nothing.